GC(Golden Cypress) symbolizes creating a comparatively safe and long-term upgrading absolute returns, with an appropriate  range of capital withdraw. We would devote to maintaining the continuous and steady returns for our customers.

GCL(Great Cypress Land) manifests that the estate would perform its vitality permanently in the boundless and profound social background. Numerous Golden Cypress will spring up in prosperity.

Our core principle focuses on the safety, stability and continuous growth of customers’ estate, rather than merely the sheer increase and decrease of index.

When it comes to approaches to investment, we stick to the combination of value growth and trend investment, implementing the strategy of integrating current trend and fundamentals. The concrete investment strategies would vary according to the fluctuation of the market. Upon risk control, we use strict measures to control the downside risk. Furthermore, we estimate investment portion and time-point of individual share through statistic model and quantitative model. As a result, we control and cut the losses down as well as expand the probability and desired returns. Therefore, we realize the compound growth of estate while ensure investment behavior in accord with general laws in the medium and long term.

We put a positive outlook on the prosperous development of China regardless of the vicissitudes and setbacks it may encounter in the growth, even severe slides sometimes. However, we have to aware that China possess strong foundation of economic growth with numerous excellent companies emerging and developing all the time. Our Limited Partners are willing to join efforts with those superior companies to proceed in the future.

Our managers, graduating from top universities in China, master the management experience of more than 10 years and abundant working experiences in prominent domestic investment institutes, including China Merchants Securities, China Asset Management, Yinhua Fund. Our core investors and researchers are good at analyzing the macroeconomic changes, industrial trends and influences brought by variations of competition patterns, exploration of company’s value and security market’s fluctuations.

Thanks for your attention! We would offer trustworthy service for you to maintain the long-term and continuous estate growth through excellent managerial capacity.

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